The first EFLIP Stakeholders Meeting

The first EFLIP Stakeholders meeting was held in Milan on February 10th, 2020. It brought together more than 20 stakeholders from the Lombardy Region, the Municipality of Milan, Reclamation Consortia and the insurance sector, as well as members of the External Advisory Board, including representatives from the National Department of Civil Protection, Po River District Authority and the EU Joint Research Centre. The meeting provided a unique opportunity to discuss EFLIP’s objectives and activities, and kick-start dialogue and engagement with the project stakeholders. The meeting was design to maximise involvement with the participants and was structured around four interactive thematic sessions:

  • description of the overall project with a specific focus on the topic of disaster loss data (DLD);
  • discussion with stakeholders on the importance of DLDs and their usefulness in all phases of the disaster risk management cycle;
  • Word Cafè sessions on: i) using data for improving risk assessment; ii) data collection and Sendai Framework requirements; iii) towards a public-private partnership for disaster risk reduction;
  • Panel discussion with the External Advisory Board on the project’s next steps.

The EFLIP consortium summarised the main outcomes of the discussions in the Deliverable 1.1. ‘Stakeholders Dialogue and Workshop report’.

The workshop was the first of four events aimed at reviewing, discussing, co-designing and disseminating the project’s results with public and private organizations working on flood risk in Lombardy and beyond. The next workshop is scheduled for Fall 2020.